Intrigue in the Big League

A uni student's intrigue in marketing and media


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Hi my name is Victoria.

I lived in Canberra but didn’t like any of the Media options at the Universities there so I moved to Wollongong to attend the University of Wollongong and I am currently living at Weerona (university specific accommodation). I am studying a double degree of Communications and Media Studies and Journalism. I chose these degrees because I have always been interested in writing and the media however I have no idea what I want to do later in life so I am hoping the course shines light on which aspect of media I might like to pursue.

I have thought about looking more into advertising and how certain charities and volunteer groups advertise their cause. I travelled to South Africa and Swaziland in December last year (2012) with a group called VESA. VESA stands for Volunteer Eco Students Abroad and takes groups of 30-50 people to South Africa, Fiji or the Amazon. The volunteers are mainly students or people younger than the age of 25, however the groups are not exclusive to this. The first week is comprised of only volunteer work that ranges from construction work, teaching at schools and helping out at animal conservation centres. The trip lasts two or three weeks; the second week travelling to Swaziland for adventure tours and the third is optional and continues to Mozambique. You learn a lot from the trip and the experience is unforgettable. The cost of the trip is very affordable even if you are a Uni student who only works two to three days a week. I strongly recommend anyone who wishes to travel and also volunteer to consider travelling with VESA.

You can visit their website at

This is my first post and you’ll see many more from me.

One thought on “Introduction

  1. Hello Victoria from Canberra, great first post, informative and it’s more than understandable for not knowing what you want to do with Uni or life in general especially on the crux of a quarter life crisis. I initially got into Computer Science and then ducked out to do Comms and Media and I only ever regret it late at night after a few too many scotches with game dev friends, but ultimately I have to remember I’m a better writer than I possibly ever would be coder.
    I advise everyone who posts in the comments to check out VESA, even if they’re only mildly interested. They do great work and Victoria does a good job of selling it above.

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