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Teachers warn early music education under threat

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Teachers, academics and musicians are warning that shrinking budgets and standardised testing are taking the focus off teaching arts subjects such as music in early childhood.

The Queensland Symphony Orchestra (QSO), which is treating primary schools to an annual series of concerts, says music is a “right” and children are being sold short.

“I don’t think children are getting enough exposure to music at a primary school level,” QSO conductor and Griffith University academic Peter Luff said.”

(ABC News Report – ABC News article)

This article by ABC News is very informative and tries to stay objective.

Starting with the title: Teachers warn early music education under threat – it explains that the teachers are warning about the threat. If it were: Early music education under threat – the audience could understand this to be the opinion of the news reporter or corporation. So the article has a good, objective title.

The article contains two videos, one of the news report and one an interview with two sources. These videos add to the content of the article and show how the internet allows journalists to incorporate different forms of media into one article.

The article also has quotes from at least three different sources. This gives the article diversity and shows that different parties are concerned about the issue. The quotes make up a large percentage of the article and this gives it more authority and professionalism. There are also links included in the article which provide referencing in a different form.

This article is a good example of objective journalism. It presents the news issue, introduces the people who will be affected and the people who are concerned and explains the proposed solution to the issue. It always shows the opinion of its sources but never becomes bias and stays objective. ABC News is generally a reliable traditional media outlet when it comes to staying objective.

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