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Chicago school closings provoke confusion, anger among parents

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Alexandre Dumas Technology Academy Elementary is seen in Chicago, Illinois

“Nanette Fouch does not understand why her granddaughter may have to transfer from a Chicago elementary school earmarked to close partly because of poor academics to one where students scored even lower on a recent standardized test.

Marcus Garvey is one of 53 elementary schools, and one high school, that Chicago Public Schools said last week it intends to close by late August. In all, 61 buildings are to be closed, representing 10 percent of all elementary school buildings. If the plan, which requires approval by the school board in May, is carried out, it will be the biggest mass closing by a school district in U.S. history.” (, 2013)

This is an article about Public Schools in Chicago being closed by late August. The article does research perspectives from many sides of the story.

Some parents are worried that their children will suffer academically by moving to a poorer performing school. Some are worried about class sizes. Some are worried about the safety of their child as they walk between between neighbourhoods due to gang violence.

While parents raise questions and become angry over the situation, school district officials are insisting that closing schools is sometimes essential to save money and redirect sources.

Some parents of children who attend Mount Vernon Elementary (the school which students from Marcus Garvey will change to) are content with the decision. Mother Shardy Martin stated that:

“There aren’t that many kids in either school, and if they put them all in one, that’s more money and resources in one school.”

The fate of Marcus Garvey and the other schools will not officially be determined until a board meeting is held on May 22.

The article references school district officials and their logical reasoning behind the choice to close the schools; such as reduced student enrolment resulting in unused facilities and more money for the schools left to upgrade their facilities.

This article tries its best to display the views of every party related to this article and express the opinions of all affected and concerned publics.

This article is newsworthy because it has conflict, is relevant to locals, and is a current/ongoing story.

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