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Gatekeeping vs Gatewatching in the Media


A monologue is a piece of text in which one person speaks or conveys their opinion.

A dialogue is a conversation in which one person speaks and another answers (a discussion).

Before the internet and social media, all journalism and media was monologic. Monologic media is a one way communication where the audience listens while they are told something, the audience are consumers. The internet and social media are both forms of dialogic media that allows the audience to participate in the conversation. Now they are no longer the audience or consumers, they are prosumers.

Before the internet, there were gatekeepers that filtered everything released in the media. Gatekeeping is used in traditional journalism. Journalists are required to have their content approved by their editors. Editors act as gatekeepers, they decide what is newsworthy and what is the truth.

Now, with content being released on the iternet, gatekeeping is virtually non-existent and gatewatching has emerged. Citizen journalists use gatewatching. If a citizen journalist is observing a certain platform of social media (eg. twitter), and a lot of people are all saying the same thing, there has to be a certain amount of truth to it. Gatewatchers gather information from sources on social media and decide the truth for themselves based on their own opinion.

More and more news is being covered more quickly on social media platforms by citizen journalists than it is in traditional journalism.

This crash of a US airways plane on the Hudson River in January 2009 was first reported by this man before any traditional journalists even knew about the event.

It just goes to show how quickly social media is becoming an integral source of information for the public and is encouraging consumers to evolve into prosumers by commenting, sharing, posting, liking and purely interacting on social networks.

3 thoughts on “Gatekeeping vs Gatewatching in the Media

  1. I had no idea what gatekeeping and gatewatching was! An interesting insight with plenty of definitions. The video used was excellent and expressed the ideas that were presented throughout the text. Its scary to think how fast social media is spreading information! 10/10

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