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School education to help obesity fight

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A FOOD education program by celebrity chef Stephanie Alexander should be expanded to every primary school in Australia in the fight against obesity, experts say.


The recommendation is one of five lobby group Obesity Australia is pressuring the federal government to act on, saying the costs of failing to tackle the epidemic are too great.

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation is planned to operate in a tenth of primary schools by 2015.

But in its report released Thursday, Obesity Australia says expanding it across all Australian primary schools will revolutionise the next generation’s food attitudes.” >> read article

This an article I found on It first summarises an education program involving chef Stephanie Alexander that should help the fight against obesity. The program is due to be introduced to a tenth of primary schools by the end of 2015, but lobby group Obesity Australia insists spreading the program across all primary schools will have greater effect.

The article then introduces some statistical information about obesity and adds a quote from Obesity Australia executive chair Professor John Funder:

“Obesity is killing people, draining the public purse and dragging down the country’s productivity,” he said.

The rest of the article gives more information on what Obesity Australia is asking for and what it will cost the government if they decide to take the action Obesity Australia suggests.


The article appeals to parents who might have children that are just about to attend school or overweight children in school, overweight parents who want a healthy change for their child and school staff that are concerned with the rising weight average of their students.

The article is slightly biased. It shows the views of Obesity Australia but not anyone else. If a government official had been interviewed would they have stated that they didn’t have the money or needed to spend the money on something of higher priority. If an obese parent had been interviewed would they have stated they were happy with their weight and diet and didn’t think the program was necessary. No negatives are shown in the article at all. However, most of the public are usually in agreement when it comes to fighting childhood obesity.

The angle this article adopts is one that suggests obesity is rising in Australia, and obesity starts at school with children. For the issue to be resolved, the government needs to take action.

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