Intrigue in the Big League

A uni student's intrigue in marketing and media

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It’s been 6 weeks now since I first started blogging, and I have to say my views on media have definitely been developed.

So far in my university course: Introduction to Communication and Media studies, we have covered several topics. They include; The Media Effects Model, Semiotics – Ideologies and Interpretations, Media Ownership and The Public Sphere. These topics have widened my perspectives of the media and have shown me how the media is evolving.

When introduced to the ‘effects model’, I was shocked that so many people tried to blame the media for certain violent acts of individuals. After researching the ‘effects model’ and looking into studies completed to prove that the effects model held truth, I decided the model was greatly flawed and although the media can affect the public to an extent, it isn’t to blame for the violent acts of individuals.

When introduced to Semiotics, I started to see how the interpretation of a sign can differ between individuals who have different ideological positions. I now understand how signs in the media can produce different reactions from the public.

When introduced to media ownership, I learnt that 90% of the media is now owned by only 6 companies and this  means that the media is controlled only by the people who own or have shares in those companies. This greatly impacted news reporting in those traditional media outlets and Fox News was a great example of how the owner of the company could impact on the news reported.

When introduced to the public sphere in the media, I learnt that the public sphere is place for people to discuss an issue and this issue could later influence political action. I began to understand how popular media texts could contribute to some of these discussions on the public sphere and I found that ‘Parenthood’ was a good example of how this might happen.

My knowledge of the media has been greatly broadened since the start of my course. I can now form my own opinions on many aspects of the media due to what I have learnt. This blog and my posts have helped me to understand what a huge part of life media is becoming and the extent at which media is evolving.