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Transforming Traditional Journalism – A New Model

When photography was developed in the 19th century, there was speculation that artists would go out of business and photography would replace painting and drawing. Artists that specialised in portraits and landscapes were especially worried about what would happen to their role with the age of the camera. However, art has prospered. While you don’t often find people willing to pay artists for a painted portrait, art has developed and evolved into much more than just capturing an image.


This is a piece created by Ben Heine. He combines photographs and pencil sketches to form amazing art. Heine’s work shows just how far art has come and how photography has actually complemented art and encouraged it to become something more.

The case of photography vs art gives traditional journalists hope. Hope that the invention of citizen journalism will not replace their roles. There is a chance that traditional journalism could evolve and transform to join citizen journalists.

The model for traditional journalism is currently:

  • We package the news for you in a bundle
  • You buy it from us because you trust us
  • We sell advertising space

Every element of this model is in crisis, it is falling apart because the internet is now the most efficient medium to meet the speed and supply demands of the audience.

Dr Axel Bruns explains why the current model is failing:

“Customers purchase the product and are…┬áproviding (if at all) only general and individual feedback on product quality or possible improvements, and must purchase an entirely new product when the next version or edition of the product is released by the producer and made available through the distributor.”

Ultimately, the audience wishes to produce as well as use. Bruns calls this ‘produsage’. The best way for traditional journalists to survive is to conform to a new model that collaborates with citizen journalists.

Storyful is a new platform created specifically for professional journalists to report news that is gathered from social media and verified to be reported in real-time.

It is new platforms like Storyful that are building the future of journalism.