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So, what topics have I covered throughout my blogging assignment that have been of most interest to me?

1. Transforming Traditional Journalism – A New Model

I was actually quite excited to tackle this topic. Since I am studying a double degree that includes journalism, looking into how traditional journalism is transforming in the age of citizen journalism sounded very interesting to me. The question was what angle I should adopt? I decided to give hope to traditional journalists in my post, encouraging them to accept that citizen journalism would become a huge part of their roles as journalists, and to use it to their advantage in some way. I got quite a few of my ideas for my post from my tutorial, and this was one of the easier posts for me to write because I already had some knowledge on the topic.

2.  A Halo Transmedia Experience

This topic confused me a lot at first. I struggled to understand the difference between multimedia and transmedia, so when I finally understood the concept myself, I decided to include the definition in my post to avoid confusion for readers. Although this post took a lot of effort and research to write and publish, I am very happy with how it turned out. When I was researching this topic, I decided to try and link it to a technology/media platform that I am researching for my final assessment (Xbox). I found Halo on an Xbox forum referenced as transmedia, and after much research I compiled this post and it helped me to understand how and why a company/organisation might use transmedia.

3. I knew you were trouble – Remixing and Reproduction

When I started thinking about writing my post on this topic, I knew I could take it in several different directions. Remixing applies to so much more than reproducing music now, that I had quite a few ideas of what I should use as an example. I settled on the Taylor Swift parody because I thought it would appeal most to readers because it was current, and because it was short and got my message across. The main struggle I had with the post was trying to keep it short and informative, because there was so much information I could write about it. I ended up talking about parodies, culture jamming and sharing/piracy issues online. I think the only issue with the post is that I might have tried to include too much content.

Overall, I have really learned and benefited from blogging.

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