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News Values and Public Interests: Global Journalism

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When it comes to traditional journalism and news values, often the values of the news outlets don’t match those of the audience. Often news is chosen not because it is what the audience wants to hear or is interested in, but because it meets the needs of a news organisation. This is evident in the way news items are chosen for print. It is based on whether a story is deemed “newsworthy” and include cultural proximity, relevance, rarity, continuity, elite references, negativity, composition, and personalisation. The newsworthiness of a story are based on these values and are chosen to bump up ratings and viewers rather than give the audience a factual account of important events.

The following clip show “The Chasers'” view on the future of news reporting, based on the American news outlet Fox News.

This shows that the values of news organisations are completely aimed at gaining profit. This does not coincide with the values of the audience, which usually include facts, evidence, and objectivity.

When it comes to global news, often other countries are framed as the enemy or the others which shows the lack of cultural acceptance and the heightened case of cultural imperialism in news reporting. For globalisation to have a positive impact on the world, news reporting needs to change its values and ways to enable an equal interaction between different cultures and countries.

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