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Australian Reports of Climate Change

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Often when it comes to global news reporting, some news outlets in one country will portray a news item differently to another country. A good example of this is climate change. While in some countries news organisations portray climate change as something that we should be concerned about and should be discussing ways for improvement or solutions, others are displaying it as a “possibility” or something that we should not be concerned about yet because we are unsure of the proof that supports climate change.

A good example of the latter is Australia. News outlets in Australia are challenged when it comes to reporting on climate change because while they are required to report a balanced story (with equal sided views on the item), but they are also required to report the facts. And the facts are that 90% of scientists in Australia believe that climate change is real and a cause for concern. Despite this, Australian news organisations report climate change with a balance of both scientists that insist climate change is real and is a cause for concern, and scientists  who suggest that climate change is a myth, and is not yet a cause for concern. Due to this, Australians are being given a misrepresentation of the view a majority of scientists have on climate change. This has led to the belief by many Australians that climate change is a myth or not really something they should be worried about because not that many scientists believe in it.


What can help change this view of Australians is by giving a “voice to the voiceless” in the media when it comes to climate change. The “voiceless” in this case are inhabitants of small islands who are suffering from major effects of climate change. Although they have had a very small input to climate change, they are the ones suffering the consequences of the actions of other larger places. If Australia is able to cooperate and correspond with countries (something enabled by globalisation) they can show Australians the truth about climate change and the impact it is already having on the world.

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