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BCM111- International Media and Communication: Reflection

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So, what have I learnt about international media and communication in my BCM111 class so far?

Well it all revolves around GLOBALISATION. I found that there is a lot more to globalisation than I originally thought. Especially the fact that there are a substantial amount of negatives along the list of positives. I didn’t realise that globalisation was considered negative by so many professional scholars. Or that so many negative concepts could be related to it.

An example of this is international education. I’ve learnt that for international students who come to Australia, the experience isn’t exactly what they expected it to be. The SBS documentary ‘Convenient Education‘ really shows a different side to the lives of international students (mainly from developing countries) in Australia. While international students are trying hard to fit in and become accustomed to their lives in a new country, but a lot of them are also being mistreated by employers and other locals, as well as being told they no longer have the right to the permanent living VISA that was originally offered to them with the course they had chosen to study in Australia. I found this information shocking, because I thought Australia offered a very advantageous education for students from developing countries. Instead, they are mainly being taken advantage of for cheap work.

While that shows one of the negative aspects of globalisation, there are also many positive aspects that I have learnt about. One that I was already aware of but didn’t really think too much about before learning about it was the concept of translating comedy between cultures. When you think about it, there are many remakes (both successful and unsuccessful) available to people around the world. But when it comes to remakes of comedy TV series, the translation is very difficult. Think about ‘America’s got Talent‘, it was the first show of many ‘… got Talent’ shows around the world. Each country could completely copy the content and ideas from the original series, and replace the host, judges, and contestants, and still be successful and have high ratings. Remaking comedy TV series’ for international audiences is a lot more difficult because different cultures have different perspectives and types of comedy. This means if a comedy remake completely copies the content and ideas from the original, there is a high probability that that remake won’t be successful in the new country because that country does not understand the comedy of the originating country. However, when a comedy remake adapts to the culture of the new county, and is highly rated by the new audience, this shows how globalisation can have a positive impact on the world. It allows countries to take an idea or concept from one end of the world, and adapt it to their culture to create entertainment in their country. An example of a successful comedy remake is ‘The Office’. The original UK version was adapted for an American audience, and ‘The Office US‘ is now very successful.

Overall I have learnt that while there are both negatives and positives of globalisation, it allows new kinds of collaboration and communication between different people, cultures and countries around the world, and this encourages me to believe that globalisation is a positive thing for the world.

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