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“Suitable for Humans” (Week 8 Topic)

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Gender inequality is visible nearly everywhere. The image on the left gives just some workplace equalityexamples of how genders are treated differently in the workplace.

Australia has moved forward in gender equality recently, especially with campaigns for gender equality in the workplace. The Workplace Gender Equality Agency works with the Australian government to produce advertisements like the following video to promote the equal treatment of men and women at work.

But it is hard to change these social norms without the effort of all parties. Gender inequality is not only evident in the workplace but also in advertising. Organisations segment men and women through demographics, and while this happens it will be hard to view men and women as equal. Especially when the different products and services targeted to each gender are so diverse.

For examples, different razors/shavers have the exact same functionality and attributes, but different versions are made for men and women. These versions differ in colour, shape, copy (font and text on the packaging), and price. The following clip from The Checkout gives more insight into these differences.

Since I am doing a major in marketing and advertising, I have come up with a potential campaign to promote gender equality. Consumers are more aware of Gender neutral shaver adgender segmentation than ever before, and some consumers are even annoyed by it and go out of their way to purchase gender neutral/unisex products. If a shaver brand such as Gillette (targeted to men) were to amalgamate their products with their women’s range, Gillette Venus, they could appeal to this aware customer segment by associating their brand with gender equality.

The TV advertisement (to reach as many consumers as possible) would start with the new sage and chocolate (gender neutral) coloured shaver being used on what seems to be a woman’s legs. When the leg shaving is finished the image blurs as the shot pans upwards, then clears as it reaches the torso. Here the shaver starts to be used on the chest, a man’s hairy chest. The shaving of the chest continues as the slogan comes up: “The New Gillette Shaver, Suitable for Humans.” I have made a mock-up picture of the advertisement, pictured right.

This type of campaign would be beneficial because it would create positive brand attitude for Gillette as it associates itself with gender equality. It would also benefit the fight for gender equality because it could start a trend in advertising.

One thought on ““Suitable for Humans” (Week 8 Topic)

  1. Really great work here, Victoria. I like that you have tied your major into the piece so it becomes more personal and relatable to you. Well done!

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