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Reflecting and Inspecting

So, what topics have I covered throughout my blogging assignment that have been of most interest to me?

1. Transforming Traditional Journalism – A New Model

I was actually quite excited to tackle this topic. Since I am studying a double degree that includes journalism, looking into how traditional journalism is transforming in the age of citizen journalism sounded very interesting to me. The question was what angle I should adopt? I decided to give hope to traditional journalists in my post, encouraging them to accept that citizen journalism would become a huge part of their roles as journalists, and to use it to their advantage in some way. I got quite a few of my ideas for my post from my tutorial, and this was one of the easier posts for me to write because I already had some knowledge on the topic.

2.  A Halo Transmedia Experience

This topic confused me a lot at first. I struggled to understand the difference between multimedia and transmedia, so when I finally understood the concept myself, I decided to include the definition in my post to avoid confusion for readers. Although this post took a lot of effort and research to write and publish, I am very happy with how it turned out. When I was researching this topic, I decided to try and link it to a technology/media platform that I am researching for my final assessment (Xbox). I found Halo on an Xbox forum referenced as transmedia, and after much research I compiled this post and it helped me to understand how and why a company/organisation might use transmedia.

3. I knew you were trouble – Remixing and Reproduction

When I started thinking about writing my post on this topic, I knew I could take it in several different directions. Remixing applies to so much more than reproducing music now, that I had quite a few ideas of what I should use as an example. I settled on the Taylor Swift parody because I thought it would appeal most to readers because it was current, and because it was short and got my message across. The main struggle I had with the post was trying to keep it short and informative, because there was so much information I could write about it. I ended up talking about parodies, culture jamming and sharing/piracy issues online. I think the only issue with the post is that I might have tried to include too much content.

Overall, I have really learned and benefited from blogging.

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A Halo Transmedia Experience

Transmedia… what a clever way to engage an audience and make more money with one idea.

To understand transmedia, you first have to differentiate between transmedia and multimedia.

Multimedia is one story told over different platforms.

  • If a book is published, and it becomes popular, a movie might be made to illustrate the events of that book. Then, a video or computer game might be created for players to live through the events of the story as one of the characters. This is the same story told over several channels, and this is multimedia.

Transmedia is many stories told over different platforms.

  • If a book, movie, video game, and website are all created in relation to one story, but tell different parts of and add to that story, this means the stories are different on each channel, and this is transmedia.

Halo's four key beliefsThere are many good examples of transmedia; The Matrix, the Lost series, Star Wars etc. However, an example that is not often acknowledged as transmedia, is Halo. Halo is a multi-billion dollar science fiction video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed by 343 Industries and owned by Microsoft Studios.

When 343 Industries overtook the Halo franchise from Bungie in 2012, they had a plan for the Halo franchise.

“When we started 343 and this journey of where we wanted Halo to go, it was a 10-year plan in which Halo 4 was the first step,” [executive producer Kiki Wolfkill said.] “We didn’t have a relationship with the audience; they had a relationship with the IP.” >> read more at gamesindustry

Halo franchise director Frank O’Connor said that the ultimate way Halo has always been communicated has been through transmedia.

“You can communicate a lot of things through transmedia experiences. It’s not just a commerce opportunity, but the most important aspect is the storytelling vehicles,” he said, pointing out that the novels have always been huge for Halo, even before the first Halo with The Fall of Reach. “It helped plant a seed for using transmedia and how we communicate more about our universe,” he said. >> read more at gamesindustry

The Halo transmedia project provides many different branches of entertainment that give a global picture of the Halo universe. In 2012 alone, Halo’s transmedia contributions were substantial. There was the Forerunners trilogy, the Kilo-Five trilogy, the Forward Unto Dawn live action series, the Halo 4 game itself and the Spartan Ops series and game missions. This is happening across 4 platforms: novels, online streaming video, Xbox and Xbox Live video.

The Halo transmedia franchise is ongoing, and Frank O’Connor has stated that the Spartan Ops mode will “bridge the gap” between the events of Halo 4 and the future release of its sequel, Halo 5. It is this kind of transmedia that keeps an audience interested and stimulates a continuous conversation.